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From time to time Tas Maritime Radio will publish news items in this section of our website.

These items may be of general interest to mariners, or they may provide regulatory or safety updates, or they may announce changes to TMR or its activities.

Radio Waves was TMR's printed annual newsletter which was first printed in 2006 under the auspices of Coast Radio Hobart. Radio Waves came out in October each year until 2014.

Later newsletters, titled Tas Maritime News, have been distributed electronically as well as in printed form on an ad hoc basis.

This section of the website contains an archive of these newsletters.

TMR will occasionally send out urgent or interesting information to those whose email addresses are on our mailing list. This information will be sent via email. It's even possible that TMR's newsletter may be distributed this way sometime in the future.

Members who have provided their email addresses on the membership forms will already be in this mailing list.

In this section of the website you can subscribe to our mailing list or unsubscribe from it.

Remember that we will not be sending these items out often - only when there is something to tell you.

This section of the website contains an archive of articles about Tas Maritime Radio (or any of its predecessor entities) that have been published in the print media.

This section of the website contains a collection of positive comments made about Tas Maritime.

In this section we will provide a list of websites related to safety at sea that we think may be of interest to mariners.