Photo: MAST

Marine and Safety Tasmania

Responsible for all coastal and inland waters in Tasmania.

Boat ramp at Port Sorell
Photo: MAST
Marine and Safety Tasmania, known as MAST, has jurisdiction for boatings safety over coastal waters and the waters of all inland lakes, rivers and streams, and any vessel not covered by Commonwealth legislation. MAST owns and manages a number of marine facilities around the state. The majority of boat ramps are owned and managed by Municipal Councils.

Walkway at Penstock Lagoon
Photo: MAST
As well as providing and managing marine facilities, the primary functions of MAST include ensuring the safe operation of vessels and managing environmental issues relating to vessels.

Navigation Aids
Photo: MAST
MAST maintains some 280 navigational aids around Tasmania (not lighthouses - these are AMSA's responsibility) as well as overseeing the hundreds of moorings. MAST also provides its own cruising moorings for temporary use in various bays and inlets.

Multi-channel installation on Maatsuyker Island
Photo: Tas Maritime Radio
MAST has established and maintains some of the VHF bases that are part of the Tas Maritime network and they never hesitate to assist us from time to time when we call upon them.

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