Guglielmo Marconi at his radio


Tas Maritime provides unique services for its members.

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Tas Maritime Radio broadcasts skeds containing coastal weather and maritime safety information 7 days a week, every day of the year.

You can find the details of all our skeds in this section.

TMR monitors VHF and HF distress channels and frequencies between 0700 and 1900 daily, then hands over to TasPorts Security who monitor VHF channel 16 for emergency calls only.

Check out this section for details.

At the end of each sked mariners are invited to call in with a position update. Of course you may log in at any time during normal operating hours - you don't have to wait for a sked. Remember, if you log on, please log off.

If you are coming from other states it is a good idea to lodge a sailing plan with the various base stations along the Australian coast or to file a TasRep sailing plan on this website.

If you are planning an extended voyage, such as across Bass Strait or the Tasman Sea, you can ask TMR to set up a Transit Sheet to log your progress.

Whilst you are on your voyage we will update our records with your progress.

Check this section for more information.

Tas Maritime Radio coordinates the handling of incidents with other vessels and/or with the appropriate search and rescue authorities. This section provides a brief log of the incidents we have managed in recent years.

Tas Maritime Radio (TMR) has installed a live camera at the Marion narrows to monitor the transit of vessels and provide vision of current sea conditions.