Typical VHF DSC radio
Photo: icomamerica.com


Little used in Australian waters.

Digital Selective Calling is a standard developed to send pre-defined digital distress messages via medium frequency (MF), high frequency (HF) and very high frequency (VHF) maritime radio bands. Tas Maritime does not monitor DSC.

DSC is primarily a system for alerting other stations when there is no one listening on a voice calling frequency (such as channel 16). As TMR has a 24/7 listening watch on channel 16 - and on HF calling frequencies (day only on HF), we do not anticipate the need for DSC in the Tasmanian region.

From the AMSA website: There is no official MF or VHF DSC shore infrastructure in Australia. Vessels fitting MF and VHF DSC equipment should realise that this equipment can only be used for vessel to vessel alerting in the Australian region.