Original Photo: Gisela Giardino


Where would we be without our volunteers?

Our regular core of volunteer operators, radiocommunication experts and IT specialists keep Tas Maritime operating every day of the year. There are however times when we need assistance in other areas of expertise which we acknowledge below.

From time to time we need to call on tower climbers and antenna riggers – Warren Arbuckle, Jason Gaitero and Steve Toth. Others who willingly assist with special projects include John Parker, Collin Squires, John Sullivan, Paul Askey-Doran. Peter Johnston Ship Chandlers kindly accepts annual service fees payments on our behalf. Other organizations that assist from time to time include Marine and Safety Tasmania, Telstra, TasNetworks, NBN Co, Parks and Wildlife and Tas Fire Service. Murdoch Clarke – Barristers and Solicitors and many more.

Special mention goes to George and Megan Pavlides for the after hours monitoring service that Golden Electronics Security provides to Tas Maritime as a community service.

We at Tas Maritime Radio extend our thanks to all of these people and organisations without which we would not be where we are today.

You can view some photos of our volunteers at work.