New Base Stations in West

(Thursday 1 May 2014)

Two weeks ago CRH directors Barry McCann and Brian Muir, with volunteer Telstra technicians John Parker, Warren Arbuckle and Jason Gaitero, drove to Mt. Read on the west coast (near Rosebery) to instal equipment for a new base station.

Mt. Reid base station mounting antenna at Mt. Read While qualified riggers John, Warren and Jason installed the antennas, Brian and Barry installed the radio equipment.

A second base station at Elliot Range will be installed in a matter of weeks.

When Elliot Range is installed it will link back to Mt. Read and then piggyback onto the link back to the Mt. Nelson link hub, then via the broadband link to the Queens Domain operating centre.


When Mt. Read and Elliot Range come online our VHF coverage will extend from Low Rocky Point to waters north of Sandy Cape.

The new facilities are expected to come online in July.