Photo: Mark Watson

AWA ATS-1 Transmitter



Used by Hobart Radio for the Coastal Radio Service.

The Australian Coastal Radio Service was a national service for mariners with bases located througout the country. The first station to be established was in Melbourne followed a few weeks later by Hobart on 30 April at the Queens Domain, the current site of Tas Maritime Radio's Operations centre. The service was then CW (Morse Telegraphy) operating at 500kHz, with HF appearing some decades later. Hobart Radio's callsign was POH and changed to VIH in 1928 when Australia was allocated the VH-VK range of callsigns.

In the 1970s AWA provided ATS-1 transceivers to the Coastal Radio stations. These replaced earlier fully valve-based electro-mechanical equipment.

The AWA ATS-1 runs a single 4CX350A as a driver and three 4CX350As in the final.

Power Output: 1,000 watts

Frequency Range: 1.6 - 30 mHz

Transmission Modes: AM, CW, LSB, USB

Power Supply: 3 phase